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Quinzee by Nicevend - fully automatic vending machine for frozen drinks

THE quinzee™ IS THE WORLD’S FIRST FULLY AUTOMATIC VENDING MACHINE for on-demand preparation of frozen textured beverages

quinzee™ is the world’s first fully automatic vending machine for smoothies / frozen textured beverages. The quinzee finally enables the automatic vending machine industry to offer frozen drink servings in a large variety of flavors, prepared on-demand in a fully automated process.


Frozen drinks ( e.g. granita, slush drinks, Frappuccino, smoothies) has long been popular around the world, with favorable flavors like iced coffee, iced lemonade, frozen fruits smoothies, frozen yogurts,  frozen ice tea etc. These frozen textured beverages are usually prepared by manually operated blenders or auger countertop premix machines.

The quinzee finally enables the continues vending of these beverages, automatically, in a free-standing machine concept, offering a wide variety of flavors from a single machine.

Furthermore, the quinzee technology enables sugarless healthy frozen beverages ( USDA approved ), as well as Plant based, vitamin/proteins added blends, all made automatically and on-demand.

Quinzee by Nicevend - fully automatic vending machine for frozen drinks

quinzee FEATURES

  • 8 flavor selection ( Mix & Match )

  • Preparation process of up to 50 Sec

  • A unique 4 liter Bag-In-a-Box syrup integration system

  • Complete RFID ingredient source assurance inspection ( optional )

  • Large graphic display

  • New & unique automatic straw dispenser ( patented )

  • Easy settings and maintenance control interface

  • State of the art electronic board including a unique protection system for a stabilized control

  • Automatic cleaning process including a controlled detergent use

  • Ambient temperature supply chain

  • Health and safety compliant

  • Production capacity of more than 250 (9oz) servings per day

  • DEX protocol for distance data flow & control

  • Highest R.O.I in the industry

Quinzee by Nicevend - fully automatic vending machine for frozen drinks
Quinzee by Nicevend - fully automatic vending machine for frozen drinks

The quinzee™ was designed and tested by experienced vending machine operators and industry experts. Our concept and goal is to bring cutting edge innovation into the industry, leaving the day to day operation a simple task, similar to operating a common hot beverages vending machine.

A 9oz or 11oz cups serving preparation process takes about 50 seconds and includes an automatic dispensing of a cup and a straw followed by the frozen drinks flavor chosen, after which the machine is immediately ready for next drink flavor order. An automatic cleaning cycle is integrated as well.

The quinzee offers a selection of 8 frozen drinks flavors made instantly form a variety of 4 Bag-in-a-box syrup packs and 4 powder canisters ( mixture of flavors is 

also an option ).

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