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OUR TEAM Nicevend group

Udi Klier

Udi Klier


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Udi Co-founded Nicevend in 2007.

With over 15 years of experience in the food tech and food service industries, Udi acts as Nicevend's CEO since its establishment.

Apart from Udi's role in Nicevend, Udi is volunteering as a business mentor in various Food-tech innovation programs in Europe, the U.S and Israel.


In 1997, Udi founded and acted as the CEO of Normat coffee solutions, an Israeli coffee services and vending company which was successfully sold to a Multi-National mineral water company in 2006

Udi holds a B.A in Business Administration and marketing from the Interdisciplinary center, Israel.

Jonathan Berger

Jonathan Berger


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Jonathan studied mathematics and physics in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, qualified as a chartered accountant in London and has an MBA from Herriot Watt in Edinburgh.  


He has worked as an investment banker and as a CFO in a variety of technology and startup companies - both public and VC backed.

Jonathan holds a BSc, ACA, MBA


Dan Lieberman

Head of Product Innovation

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Together with an “Out of the box” thinking and over 20 years of experience in manufacturing technologies, from traditional craftsmanship to cutting edge Technologies, Dan knows how to bring his innovative ideas, together with the team, to the finish line.

Dan joined Nicevend in 2009, and held number of key roles such as production manager, senior R&D member, and as the Manufacturing process literature writer. 

Dan holds B.Des in Industrial Design from Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, and two technology diplomas from the Ministry of Labor of Israel.​

Orel Serfaty

 Production manager

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Orel was part of the team that developed the current version of the quinzee machine and now manages the engineering, quality control, testing and production processes.

Orel holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Ben-Gurion University.

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