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quinzee low calorie line of syrups are now officially approved for sale in Florida's high school

We are delighted to be a part of the 2017-2018 Florida's Palm Beach county list of approved beverages for consumption in high schools. This is a major accomplishment for our team and a primary market for our machines in the upcoming years.

To ensure healthier food and beverage consumption in school campuses, the USDA has issued guidelines which limits consumption of certain ingredients and calories in order to prevent childhood obesity. This important act had forced schools to stop sales of all high sugar level beverages, sodas etc.

Nicevend's quinzee on-demand preparation technology (patented) is the only available method to automatically prepare and serve low calorie frozen textured smoothies and as such we have developed a line of great flavors (including Strawberry, Grapes, Raspberry, Wildberry, Green apples and more) to be offered to our customers operating within U.S schools.

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